decorations-simple-and-easy-diy-holiday-wreath-decoration-with-green-pines-leaves-and-chic-red-bow-and-red-flower-and-golden-bell-ornaments-27-exquisite-holiday-wreath-decorating-ideas-for-your-inspirHill’s Service Company will be closing at noon on Thursday, December 24th and closed all day Friday, December 25th in observance of Christmas. We hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas! We will also be closed on Friday, January 1st for New Years Day.


3.-Keith-150x150.jpg for site 2Goodbyes are not always easy to say. We want to wish Keith Simpson a very heartfelt goodbye, as he retires from Hill’s Service Company, after serving the company and the community for 30 plus years. One can spend a lifetime looking for a better friend or more honorable man, never finding one to equal that of Keith Simpson. He has done so much to help those who needed his expertise in so many ways. The amazing thing about Keith is that he never expects any special acknowledgement for his work. Many in the Ware Shoals Community call him “Bear”.  We call him “Big Hog”, but the best name we can give to him is friend. We wish nothing but the best to Keith and his family. People cannot be replaced when life and career changes occur, one simply has to adapt to a new normal. That, often times, is the most difficult part of life and business. We never know what is around the corner, so we could all learn a great lesson if we followed Keith’s example. Live by the golden rule and treat others as you would want to be treated. Leave a customer with a smile and a kind thank you. Thanks Keith for your loyalty, leadership, and friendship. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Many blessings from your Hill’s Service family.




total connect siteWe have experienced a large volume of Honeywell My Total Connect Comfort Alerts over the last several days. If you are one of our customers who are connected to this site please know that we are in communication with Honeywell regarding this problem. Honeywell is aware that there is an issue and they are working through the issue at this time. The only effect we have seen at this time is with internet communication. You should be fine operating the stat on a local in-home basis. We have also noticed several of the issues have been resolved thus far. If you have concerns or questions please feel free to contact us.


horseshoe fallsThe seasons are changing, and with that comes the need for your heat. Be sure to check your heat before you need it. It is wise to check on your heating system before you actually need to turn it on. Simply try your heat to ensure proper operation. Give us a call to inspect your heating systems operation, so you do not find yourself in an emergency situation at an inconvenient time.


fire antsThe trouble with ants is that they not only ruin your picnic, but they ant in orificecan also ruin your home comfort. Ants seem to love the magnetic attraction of power contactors in your A/C unit. That said, be sure to treat the area of your yard around your system. Preventing ant intrusion into your unit can help reduce repair costs, in fact it may help prevent complete breakdown of your system. Ants may not only get into the contactor, but can also cause terminal breakdown in the compressor. A few dollars invested in ant killer could help save hundreds in repairs. We have also found that ants will clog the orifice of a gas burner.  Click link to see how ants can cause problems with your system. 


HUMIDIFIERGive us a call to help resolve static electricity issues in your home. Dry air can cause discomfort in many ways. Static, dry skin, and dry sinuses(nose bleeds) are many conditions caused by dry indoor air. We can install a whole house humidifier that can help prevent the problems caused by dry air. We carry many products in the Honeywell family of indoor air quality products to help increase your home comfort. Feel free to call us at 864-682-3198. Financing is available for home comfort projects.



Please note that in the event of severe winter weather at any time, Hill’s Service Company will do its best to ensure safe and efficient operation. Should traveling conditions deteriorate during the day or evening, please know that we will do our best to serve our customers as quickly as possible. If we find road conditions at any time are not safe we will limit our travel. However, we will do our best to reach our customers homes as quickly as possible. Our dispatchers will make contact with us and we will assess conditions on an individual basis. If travel conditions are safe we will operate on a regular schedule.


JB-90x64Hill's LogoWe are proud to announce a partnership with JB & Associates Premium Protection Plan. With this partnership, Hill’s Service Company and JB & Associates will be able to better meet the needs of our customers. We can help provide our customers with a protection plan that will insure coverage for those unexpected breakdowns. Give us a call at our office or email us with any questions you may have.