Robert Hill, Pictured with Buddy Hill

Robert Hill, Pictured with Buddy Hill

Some call him Mr. Robert, others BBR (Big Bad Robert) in days gone by. Once a customer confidently pointed out that RHEEM, the brand sold by Hill’s Service for many years, stood for “Robert Hill Electrical Equipment Manufacturing”.  While he couldn’t take credit for that, he can take credit for being a man of integrity, a man of God who taught those around him to respect others no matter their station in life. However, the greatest name of all is Dad, and Papa Hill. We love you Dad. Happy 80th Birthday to our founding father.  A great father, grandfather, brother, friend, and leader to so many over the years. His children can easily say we have learned so much from him that we never even realized until our own strength and determination was tested. He taught us and gave us the tools needed for life and raising our own families, teaching them how to be positive role models and guides to others.


fire antsThe trouble with ants is that they not only ruin your picnic, but they can also ruin your home comfort. Ants seem to love the magnetic attraction of power contactors in your A/C unit. That said, be sure to treat the area of your yard around your system. Preventing ant intrusion into your unit can help reduce repair costs, in fact it may help prevent complete breakdown of your system. Ants may not only get into the contactor, but can also cause terminal breakdown in the compressor. A few dollars invested in ant killer could help save hundreds in repairs. Click link to see how ants can cause problems with your system. 


There are many different solutions to meeting your home comfort needs. Mini-Split systems can provide a variety of options to help you achieve the comfort you desire. They are great for offices, sun rooms, and other small areas where a whole-house system might not fit. Take a look at Mitsubishi Electric to see what might best serve your needs. We can install a system that will provide the ultimate in comfort.


robbie and buddyYou can know when you call Hill’s Service Company that you are getting top notch experience. Our service technicians have a solid foundation and many years of service experience. In a constantly changing technological environment, it is good to know that we make it a priority to make sure that each tech has the advantage of experience at their disposal.


email iconWe would love for you to share your email address with us. Simply go to our website and click on the “contact us” button on the home page. You can enter your address in that location and we can then share information with you via email. Your information will not be shared with any other organizations.


winter shotWinter weather is quickly approaching. The leaves are changing and the crisp morning air greets you as you walk out the door. Be sure to check your heat to make sure it works properly before you find you need it. It is easy to switch the thermostat and check your system’s operation before you find you are in crisis mode. Try it out and see if everything operates. Give us a call and we can service the system and make sure you are in proper working order before the cold weather is here to stay.


Mold, Mildew, Bacteria, and Viruses can cause your home to have strange and offensive odors. Often times it is referred to as “dirty sock syndrome”.housepicHill’s Service can check your home and treat this problem. Moisture in your home, caused from humidity and poor vapor barriers, can lead to mold and mildew that cause the odors. The following information can help you learn more about this problem and how to treat it.

What are bacteria and viruses?
Bacteria and viruses are living organisms that cause diseases, like the common cold or influenza. They also can make some diseases, like asthma, worse.

How can airborne viruses, bacteria affect health?
Bacteria and viruses can travel through the air, causing diseases and worsening allergies or asthma. They get into the air easily. When someone sneezes or coughs, tiny water or mucous droplets filled with viruses or bacteria scatter. Inhaling these viruses or bacteria can spread coughs, colds, influenza and tuberculosis and other infectious agents.

Crowded conditions with poor air circulation can promote this spread. Some bacteria and viruses thrive and circulate through poorly maintained building ventilation systems, as with Legionnaires’ disease. Damp, humid air can increase the survival rate of viruses indoors.

In addition, some individuals with allergies react to endotoxins, substances that come from the broken-down cells of dead bacteria. These microscopic particles have been associated with coughing, wheezing and worsening asthma. Even so, some studies have linked them to protecting against some health threats.

Bacteria in the soil produce endotoxins, so they are virtually everywhere outdoors. They can come indoors with pets, pests, humidifiers, kitchen compost bins and outdoor air. Walking, dry mopping and other activities can cause them to become airborne once inside.

How to reduce the spread of bacteria, viruses

Most often, the human occupants of a home or workplace are the source of infectious diseases. A key step to reduce the spread of disease through indoor air is to practice healthy behavior. Precautions like coughing or sneezing into the bend of your elbow can curb the spread of airborne viruses and bacteria.

Effective ventilation may also help keep bacteria, viruses and other pollutants out of the indoor air. Research shows that air flow and ventilation can affect how diseases spread indoors. The more stagnant the air is, the more likely diseases are to spread.

Ventilation can also limit moisture. Damp indoor spaces foster the growth and transmission of viruses and bacteria. Controlling moisture indoors can limit the spread of these infectious diseases and also limit mold, dust mite and cockroach growth.

Should you test the air for bacteria and viruses?
Sampling for all airborne viruses and bacteria is not the best way to determine the cause of specific health problems. Even if you test, it is nearly impossible to know which biological pollutants cause which symptoms or health problems. The amount of most biological substances required to cause disease is unknown and varies from one person to the next.


 Have a Mold Mildew or Odor Problem
Bio Breeze
Deodorizer / Germistat / Fungistat
The Enzyme with Instant Odor Control

Bio Breeze liquid concentrate is a suspension treatment consisting of specially developed synergyzed enzyme, aerobic, anaerobic and facultative in nature.  It is harmless to animal and marine life and non-pathogenic.  Reduces BOD, (biological oxygen demand), and the foul odors and gases it produces. Bio Breeze not only eliminates odors, it eliminates their causes. Bio Breeze cannot rest in the presence of organic waste material, it must process it.

Sprayed into the ventilation system, Bio Breeze works its way through the system, consuming organic waste material in its presence, then builds itself up into a full strength colony and goes dormant.  You might say that it sleep with its eyes open, waiting to swing into actions.  As long as you continue to treat, the colony will stay and keep working for you.


If you ever notice mold around your attic entrance, you may want to check for air leaks. Many times we find mold around attic entrances due to moisture from your attic space. When the attic entrance is not properly sealed moisture can come in from the attic. Moisture may cause mold around the attic area. We can help prevent the infiltration of moisture by installing an Attic Tent. This will help restrict moisture from coming in around the attic entrance as it seals aroud the doorway. The Attic Tent is an easy way to help prevent this problem. Give us a call at 864-682-3198 if you have questions regarding The Attic Tent.