joeAnother installation completed by the great work of Joe Edwards! The RHEEM Gas Package Unit is a great system for your home. This system has a 13 SEER Energy Rating and provides maximum comfort. Give us a call and we can help set you up with a HVAC System that will provide for your home comfort needs.


Fall is in the Air! Cool nights and cold mornings follow in it’s path. Remember to give Hill’s Service Company a call to check your heat for the season. We can stop by and service your system, making sure everything is safe. A couple of reminders for you as a homeowner are to; make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector, and try your heat before you need it. Simply make sure it runs by setting it to call for heat. It is easier to check it before you need it. Often times folks find that it does not work when they need it in the most critical times. Let us help you prevent that from happening. Call us, or email us via our website.


Robert Hill, Pictured with Buddy Hill

Robert Hill, Pictured with Buddy Hill

Some call him Mr. Robert, others BBR (Big Bad Robert) in days gone by. Once a customer confidently pointed out that RHEEM, the brand sold by Hill’s Service for many years, stood for “Robert Hill Electrical Equipment Manufacturing”.  While he couldn’t take credit for that, he can take credit for being a man of integrity, a man of God who taught those around him to respect others no matter their station in life. However, the greatest name of all is Dad, and Papa Hill. We love you Dad. Happy 80th Birthday to our founding father.  A great father, grandfather, brother, friend, and leader to so many over the years. His children can easily say we have learned so much from him that we never even realized until our own strength and determination was tested. He taught us and gave us the tools needed for life and raising our own families, teaching them how to be positive role models and guides to others.


fire antsThe trouble with ants is that they not only ruin your picnic, but they can also ruin your home comfort. Ants seem to love the magnetic attraction of power contactors in your A/C unit. That said, be sure to treat the area of your yard around your system. Preventing ant intrusion into your unit can help reduce repair costs, in fact it may help prevent complete breakdown of your system. Ants may not only get into the contactor, but can also cause terminal breakdown in the compressor. A few dollars invested in ant killer could help save hundreds in repairs. Click link to see how ants can cause problems with your system.